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Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my website!

I write fiction for readers of all ages. My three young adult novels, featuring globetrotting teens and international intrigue, are all published by Viking/Penguin. I have a brand new adult thriller – a collaborative venture, released episodically -- coming out from Serial Box / Adaptive Books in early 2018. I’m also at work on a middle grade project.

I’ve known that I wanted to be a writer since I was five years old. I always loved writing in school, and I was fortunate to have had many encouraging teachers. I also knew that in order to be a good writer I needed to be a good reader. I majored in English at Hampshire College, and earned my M.A. in English and American Literature from Brandeis University.

Over the years I’ve juggled all kinds of jobs in the word business to support my writing habit. Among them: a college writing and literature instructor, an ESL teacher in South America, an editor in educational publishing, a textbook author, a script writer for language instruction videos, a bookseller, a fiction editor at a teen literary magazine, and a comic book shop salesclerk. (Can you guess which was the most fun?) I love to travel, and I’ve enjoyed teaching students from all over the world, so international experiences are a large part of my fiction.

I grew up in Seattle, which I visit frequently to see my family there. I currently live outside of Boston with my husband, our son, and a moody black cat. In my spare time I love going on long walks in my town, going on longer bike rides, and, of course, traveling.

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Diana Renn Diana Renn is the author of three mysteries featuring international intrigue and globetrotting teens: Tokyo Heist, Latitude Zero, and Blue Voyage, all published by Viking/Penguin. Blue Voyage was honored as a 2016 "must-read" by the Massachusetts Book Awards, and Latitude Zero was a Junior Library Guild selection. Her latest project is False Idols, a collaboratively-written, episodically-released thriller (for adults) to be published by Serial Box and Adaptive Books in 2018. Her essays and short fiction have appeared in Publisher's Weekly, The Huffington Post, Brain Child, Literary Mama, The Writer, YARN (Young Adult Review Network), and others. Diana grew up in Seattle and now lives outside of Boston, Massachusetts with her husband, her son, and a moody black cat.
Photo by Caroline Alden Photography
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